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CCCC Linux Desktop Special Interest Group Wiki




Doing Today With Linux, What We Did Yesterday With Windows

Table Of Contents





Working together using this wiki


Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to this collection of information and links. I know absolutely NOTHING about web page design and development, so this will be a learning experience for all us. If you wish to contribute to the Wiki, you will need the site password. You can get that by sending an e-mail to Joe Zachary, Will Hill or me, Ed Richards, requesting it. Links are shown below.


PBWiki Help Links










Announcements will go here


 The next Linux Desktop SIG workshop will be Monday, July 20th at 6 PM in the Open Source Lab. In this workshop we will be looking at how to use the Gnome desktop and answering participant questions. If you need some help using Linux, and in particular, Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS, come on out and join in the discussion.


There has been some defacing of this site in the past. As a result, access has been restricted. If you are a legitimate writer: simply request access, and provide some identification that you are in CCCC Linux SIG. 


Group Members



Screen Shots


Here we can post screen shots of what the various SIG members are doing with their Linux desktops. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

Tips & Tricks


Workshop Schedule


The workshops are held the first and third Monday of each month at 6 PM in the Cajun Clickers Computer Club Computer Lab.




We have negotiated "deals" for our membership with several vendors and will be seeking other sponsors. If there is some commercial Linux product that you are interested in, contact one of the facilitators and we will see what we can do. Please visit Sponsors for more information.


Safe Xandros Repositories







Live distrOS


Fun Stuff



Keyworks for search:

Linux, Linux tutorial, Linux beginner, Why choose Linux, Windows vs Linux, Learn Linux, Linux newbie, Switch to Linux





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